Exomars PanCam 3D Vision Workshop, Aberystwyth, UK

The workshop addressed vision data acquisition / processing issues that were relevant for current and mid-term development of PanCam hard- and software, experiment planning, calibration, expected scientific data return quality, as well as the interfaces to other ExoMars components such as operations planning, navigation or other PASTEUR instruments.

The Workshop took place in the AU PATLab – Planetary Analogue Terrain Laboratory – Hall. Some (short) presentations were followed by a discussion on the topics presented / questions raised. Rover vision experiments were conducted after joint agreement on the experiment layout.

The main experimental component was the AU PanCam – analogue Camera (PAC) which contained two Wide-angle RGB 1024×1024 cameras with 34° FOV and 50cm base length, and an HRC- simulating 1024×1024 RGB camera with 5° FOV. Participants were invited to bring their own software for relevant processing (Stereo/WAC-HRC fusion / DEM manipulation / visualization / 3D editing / compression / shape-from-shading / HDR / Bundle block adjustment / etc.). A set of default processing modules were made available during the workshop in order to generate and visualize DEMs from stereo within reasonable time to evaluate experiment success.

The experiments were supported by the VICON® system that enabled accurate 3D co-ordinate measurements of target point locations (i.e. PAC stations, distinct objects locations & shape) within almost the entire PATLab region. For 3D data comparison / DEM Ground truth provision, as well as full environment reference 3D reconstruction a Leica® 3D Laser Scanner was available.