The Bridget Rover Platform

The Bridget Rover Platform

BridgetNewOlogoNSCYard803-100_1481-300x225Bridget is a platform developed by Astrium Ltd which was created to develop UK rover technology.

Bridget has six wheels which are made entirely of metal since rubber is an organic material and therefore cannot be taken to another planet. The wheels have been engineered to behave like normal tyres, and the suspension system is designed to be able to negotiate slopes both parallel and perpendicular to the direction of travel.

It is driven manually through a joystick and it is capable of moving forward, backwards, doing point turns (rotating around a fixed spot on the ground) and steering.

Depending on the application it is used for, Bridget incorporates two stereoscopic cameras at the top of a 2m mast, which allow her to see in 3D in much the same way as humans do. Using the images obtained, an elevation model of the terrain can be developed.