The 3D data for this simulation has been obtained by a field test of the PRoVisG Consortium at Clarach Bay, Aberystwyth, UK, in July 2010. It was taken by a stereo camera arrangement, simulating the ExoMars PanCam (to be flewn to Mars in 2018), provided by Aberystwyth University (Prof. Dave Barnes), mounted on board of the BRIDGET Rover by Astrium Space, UK (Lester Waugh). 3D Vision processing was performed by the PRoVisG Processing Suite PRoViP (Planetary Robotics Vision Processing), integrated by Joanneum Research, Graz, Austria (Gerhard Paar). Rendering took place using the Aardvark Rendering Library by VRVis, Vienna, Austria (Dr. Gerd Hesina), customized in preparation for the ExoMars 3D Vision application case. Credits: PRoVisG Consortium.