For Press

For Press

press3PRoVisG: Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing

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What do we do

  • Combine expertise in Computer Vision for Planetary Surfaces
  • Enhance scientific exploitation
  • Generate high-level tools
  • Test & demonstrate
  • Let the Public know

press1Robotic Missions on Mars & Moons

  • Penetrators
  • Landers
  • Rovers for close-range
  • Aerobots for medium range
  • Science & exploration
  • Europe: Agencies, ESA Primes, Narrow community
  • EC initiated unification JUST IN TIME

Left: Aerobot tested at ESTEC Planetary Test Bed (PTB). Right: Reconstructed scene using Aerobot Camera (Images courtesy of SciSys Ltd., UK and Joanneum Research, A)

The Principle: View the Surface and Calculate Something…

press2Technology and Expertise


  • EADS Astrium Space(UK)
  • SciSys(UK)
  • Jet Propulsion Lab (USA)
  • Surrey Space Centre (UK)
  • CNES (F)

Planetary Science:

  • DLR (UK)
  • Univ. Leicester (UK)

Computer Vision & Sensors:

  • Joanneum Research (A)
  • Czech Technical University (CZ)
  • TU Berlin (D)
  • Ohio State University (USA)
  • CSEM (CH)


  • Aberystwyth University (UK)

Results 2009…2011

  • 3D Vision Toolbox: Multi-source, Processing, GIS: Presentation
  • International contests
  • Spin-off technology
  • Processed planetary data
  • Public field test
  • 2 Summer Schools







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